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S. Mobile Auto Insurance Benchmark. It can be used to view policies, file claims, and request roadside assistance. Many insurers have struggled to find effective ways to adapt their services to mobile technology, but Geico is doing it best. There are still some features missing: Mostly, we wish you were able to edit your policy. Given the complexity of insurance policies, it makes sense that Geico would want its customers to work with agents directly, but we still hoped the insurer’s mobile app would provide the full functionality of its website.

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You Do Not Need More Insurance With the amount of insurance that people have today, car, health, home and life, is there really a need for more insurance?Typically your car already has a warranty, as well as collision coverage. For new vehicles, this is great. When you buy a used car, you are typically given a short term warranty, with limited coverage for only three months. After this, if you do not buy an extended warranty, you will be liable for any repairs needed. In the case of transmission, drive train or engine replacements, this can be in the thousands of dollars. Auto repair insurance helps protect you in the event your used car needs repairs after the warranty expires. Auto Repair Insurance Is Just an Extended Warranty Many people do not realize that there is a difference between an extended warranty and car repair insurance coverage. A warranty is for a specified period. Even an extended warranty will run out after time, depending on the age of the vehicle. Auto repair car insurance is available for as long as you need it. You can continue to keep the policy regardless of the age of your vehicle.

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